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Will and Cindy were born and raised in rural USA. Both grew up in families that attended Christian churches. They met as teenagers and, after dating for three years, were married. Both were pursuing a university education, and considered their Christian faith to be rather superficial and ultimately irrelevant.

During the next 10 years both completed degrees, had two children, Will spent 4 years in the military during the Vietnam War, and was involved in graduate school working toward a PhD in the veterinary medical sciences. Over this period of time, their marriage relationship ended in divorce. Both had worked hard at destroying everything a marriage relationship is intended to be.

For two years they lived separately but kept in contact for the sake of the children. Neither Will nor Cindy found happiness or fulfillment apart, and this is when they began to recognize that God had been constantly pursuing a relationship with them. God's unending love broke through the walls they had erected, and unknowingly on the same day, 1500 miles apart, both accepted Christ as Savior and Lord. Their marriage was restored, and with effort on their part and God's grace, the relationship was healed and a third child was born.

Thirty years later, they are involved with sharing God's precepts for marriage. They discuss how "baggage" from the past can impact a marriage, and the necessity for opening each bag carefully. They share with couples that marriage, with all it's ups and downs, its joys and sorrows, its dreams and doubts, is a journey worth taking, and that with a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and unconditional love, the "two will become one flesh".

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