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Will and Cindy are certified Marriage 911 Leaders. The purpose of Marriage 911 First Response Team is to provide initial help and stability to people whose marriages are in crisis and at least one spouse believes the marriage is worth saving.  First Responders come alongside to offer hope, support, encouragement, and accountability. This is accomplished through meeting together and working through a structured plan. The focus is spiritual; seeking to honor Jesus Christ and draw from Him what is needed for life and marriage.

A First Response Team

“Dr. Will and Cindy Goff have a wonderful testimony of how God has

worked in their lives. Their dedication and desire to help churches

implement marriage resources is a blessing to all of us who work with

crisis couples.”

Joe and Michelle Williams

Co-Authors of Marriage 911 First Response Ministry, and Yes, Your

Marriage Can Be Saved book (Focus on the Family/Tyndale House).

Will and Cindy are certified by AMFM to train couples within a church setting to establish a Marriage Mentoring Ministry.

A church leadership team will be equipped to provide a sustainable couple to couple ministry.

Two interactive weekends* for couples interested in lay counseling are provided. Involves the application of brief hope-based counseling techniques.

*The first weekend can be participation in “This Trip Called Marriage” Workshop.

We will provide the church leadership team with useful information and programs to establish a “Date Night” program.

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