Join Dr. Will & Cindy Goff, of Hope Marriage Ministries, who have been encouraging couples through interactive workshops both in the U.S. and Abroad.

Every couple brings "baggage" of some sort into the marriage relationship. Left alone, the bags will eventually pop open without intent. This workshop opens 4 bags (spiritual, financial, relational,  and sexual) carefully to discover what each may contain and to eliminate any "excess baggage".

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Navigating the Matrimonial Highway

Intimacy in marriage goes far beyond sexual enjoyment. Intimacy is the connection between husband and wife resulting from deep understanding of each other. Intimacy grows over time as knowledge of each other is gained through shared experiences and thoughtful communication. In fact, communication in marriage is intended to go beyond just clear and effective sharing of information. It should include the ever deepening levels from providing facts through stating opinions and feelings to the ultimate expression of needs. Although communication at the higher levels carries with it a risk of conflict, successful communication at this level based on love and respect will result in increased intimacy in the relationship.

“Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh”
Genesis 2: 24

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Topics include:

    *Differences Between Men and Women

        *Emotional & Relational Issue

            *Communication, Exploring your Heritage

                *Developing a Loving and Committed Relationship

                    *Importance of Faith: Establishing a Firm Foundation for Marriage

Just as it is important to have a physical checkup on a regular basis for optimal health, a marriage needs it as well. Couples should take time every few years to perform a checkup. Prepare and Enrich offers such an opportunity.

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I attended a Marriage workshop with Dr. Will and Cindy Goff, of Hope Marriage Ministries.  The material covered was excellent and the interaction informative and helpful.  The material covered Biblical and spiritual concepts as well as practical application.  I was also impressed with the interaction throughout the workshop.  Teaching was interactive between Dr. Goff and his wife Cindy. Questions from couples were immediately entertained and answered.  At times throughout the workshop, groups of couples grappled with situations presented by the Goff’s that were helpful in working principles into life, but also in getting to know other couples better.

I highly recommend Hope Marriage Ministry workshops.

Pastor Dick Hege, Coeur d'Alene, Bible Church

I am honored to recommend Dr. Will and Cindy Goff of Hope Marriage Ministries for any church or other ministry. They are truly passionate in emphasizing the importance of restoration and/or fulfillment in marriages to reflect the Biblical model of intimacy. Using the Bible, humor, sensitivity, and their own testimony of restoration, they offer renewed hope and encouragement along with necessary tools to open and address the excess baggage that we bring into our marriages.  Their exposure of deception and myths and sharing the differences between men and women offer a real opportunity to apply God’s truth where is it really matters – seeking intimacy. The call of every believer is to seek intimacy with God and with one another. This concept is expressed and lived in the covenant of marriage. As a result, I highly recommend Hope Marriage Ministries to any pastor or spiritual leader. This ministry will help in fulfilling the Biblical plan of intimacy for any marriage.

Pastor John & Laura Popp, Beth Shalom Fellowship